XPT - Particle size and shape measurement by dynamic image analysis

Online measurement of particle size, shape, count and color change. The complete system with probe (XPT-P) or flow-through cell (XPT-C) uses a CCD Camera with extremely short shutter time or xenon flash for sharp images of fast moving particles. Here you find a scheme with the working principle of XPT

XPT software 
Online image Real-time particle size measurment

The XPT Software is used for all types of XPT units for automatic online image aquisition, particle size and shape analysis, trend display, storage of analysis methods, automatic saving of images depending on predefined criteria and process integration.

The XPT-C systems with flow-through-cell for suspensions can be converted into powder measurement systems XPT-CP by simply echanging the measurement cell and adding the vibrating feeder. Other options are heated flow through cells for measurement of melts or polarized light for online distinction of crystalline and amorphous particles. For online powder applications XPT-CV systems with a venturi feeder sucks the sample through the measurement instrument and back to the process in a closed loop. XPT-P probes can measure directly in a process (pipe, vessel).



Particle size measurement instruments with flow-through-cell for suspensions



Probe based particle size measurement instruments



Particle size measurement instruments with flow-through-cell for powders